woah! this is bomb!

woah! this is bomb!

does anyone have anything new on james? if so would you submit it to me so i can post it? THanks!

I’d normally be excited for American Idol finale


But since James Durbin and Hayley Reinhart aren’t there, well,

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When Gaga heard James Durbin was eliminated…..


American idol finale

James did AMAZING tonight

American Idol Live 2011 Tour Promo!

excited to c james

American Idol Live 2011 Tour Promo!

excited to c james

Okaay. I hate this "deserving" stuff. They ALL work EQUALLY hard to win this. I hate being partial because they all deserve it and they ALL are so talented. If you think about it, both Lauren and Scotty need this contract if they want to be really famous. Both of them have strong faith in the Lord and thats tough in the business today. But Scotty can put on a better show than Lauren, and he has a tad bit more personality. Plus, he's freakin talented. So, that's why I want him to win. imagine-perfect-deactivated2011

ya true! they all work hard. So ya ur right, just different tastes in music :D but hay thats what makes the world go around.. oh and james was a christian too

I thought this tumblr account is exclusively for James only. Why you also posted about Haley? =( joyheartsu

This is for james, I was just posting stuff for haley because i was trying to encourage people to vote for her, and because i forgot i was on my James durbin account not my personal… But now that haley is gone this will be only for james! 

in yo facee! country finalee:) imagine-perfect-deactivated2011

ya but i know in my heart who really should have won and thats james. Scotty and lauren dont deserve it. Lauren doesnt even perform! but oh well, james is working on a single to get out, and thats all that matters


By: Leah C. Salterio

Not the end of the road for James even after his shocking Idol exitMANILA, Philippines - Winning was within his grasp. From the start of the live airing of American Idol Season 10, California native James Durbin was consistently a top pick and was strongly touted to bag the title. In fact, he was never in the bottom three during the…

Now that I think about it.



This is probably a good thing. Now Haley can go and get signed by some amazing label and not be held back by the American Idol rules or whatever they’re called. She’s gonna make more money than Scotty and Lauren could ever dream of.

this is so true.

Scotty and Lauren… Over Haley and James?!?!?!


Excuse me as I express myself in gifs.



I’ve seen so many people calling Haley a bitch tonight and seriously.. just WHAT THE FUCK?

You don’t fucking KNOW Haley. Did you see her homecoming video? DOES THAT LOOK LIKE A BITCH TO YOU? NO. I didn’t fucking think so.

Did you see her with Lauren tonight? Was she a bitch about getting voted off? NO. She wasn’t. She was classy and she had fun with it.

Haters will never fail to amuse me. Seriously. All of you need to get a fucking life.

Did anyone catch which line Haley sang to JLo and Randy?


“Oh JLo and Randy have you seen them yet? Oh, but they’re so spaced out…”

LOL FOR DAYS. JLo had her bitch face on.

WHATEVER AMERICAN IDOL. Haley Reinhart reigns supreme.

I’m so pissed Haley got sent home… First James now Haley…

Two words: Really, America?


This is why we can’t have nice things.

I got Flair!